I help women who self sabotage get free from food obsession and addiction so they can be authentic and feel lighter.

Her message is clear: No one is ever too far gone to be healed, set free, and to thrive in recovery.

For nearly a decade, Debbie has been helping women entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals worldwide get free from food addiction, overeating, and body obsession.

As a Health & Fitness expert with 20 years of experience, and as a recovered food addict, Debbie brings both her expertise in health and wellness plus her in-the-trenches experience of living with the self doubt and shame of food addiction to her coaching programs and speaking engagements.

She has lead over 200 classes, workshops and trainings in the areas of recovery and healing, and today, specializes in helping women worldwide, who know they need to change but can’t seem to break the binge cycle on their own, cultivate a healthy relationship with food, feel confident, be more present, and learn to trust themselves.

To inquire about speaking engagements or book a Freedom From Food Addiction Clarity Call, email debbie.lichter@freefromfoodaddiction.com or schedule a session at https://freefromfoodaddiction.youcanbook.me/.

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