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Join the top specialists in the world as they illustrate their joys, sorrows, challenges, and wins in the Recovery field.

Podcast Topics:

Partial Hospitalization Program

For individuals that need the intensive structure of a day-long program. ,

Intensive Outpatient Program

Suitable for people with jobs or external support

Residential Treatment

Long-term 24 hours care in a non-hospital setting .


A structured conversation supervised by an intervention specialist between loved ones and an addict.


Removing harmful substances from the body where individual are medically monitored 24/7, ensuring safety and comfort during the process

Challenge Therapy

Group challenges, wilderness treatment therapy, outdoor activities, ropes courses, equine therapy, or other skill-building healing activities.

Expressive Therapies

Musical and artistic therapies explore the creative process and how various expressions relate to recovering

Sober Coaching

Individual, group and family counseling led by a licensed clinical professionals

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All of the speakers in Sobriety Society are active members in the Recovery Industry, We are not affiliated with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution. We are simply here to help the budding entrepreneur or seasoned vet in the Recovery Industry reach more people and save more lives.

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All of the speakers on our podcast have been evaluated as honest and ethical individuals with a high state of integrity and the biggest heart that meet our core values. Everyone has a no-nonsense approach to individuals in recovery, recovering or seeking help.

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NAD Treatment Center™ is a provider of Brain Restoration Therapy, using intravenous NAD+. The therapy assists in alleviating brain-destroying diseases of alcoholism, addiction, chronic stress, depression and anxiety. Combining innovation and compassion, our medical team provides healing and hope for people who are affected by substance abuse and addiction. NAD+ supports the detoxification process and brain function to help your ongoing treatment and aftercare..

Tom Ingoglia

Business Director

Specialized Pain Free rapid Detoxification &Residential Inpatient Treatment Center Specializing in Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Eating Disorders, Chronic Pain and Mental Health Issues.

Specialized Treatment for First Responders, who suffer from PTSD, Depression, Substance Abuse, Anxiety.

Robert Beatty

Executive Director

Heidi Le is a singer/songwriter, author, and speaker who shares the message of hope, healing, and recovery in transformational spaces.

From the stage and in private coaching sessions, she creates “me too” moments, assuring those who are feeling discouraged by the pain of addiction, codependency, depression, and hopelessness that they are not alone.

Her message is clear: No one is ever too far gone to be healed, set free, and to thrive in recovery.


Heidi Le

Founder, Heidi Le Music

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