Eric McLaughlin, ASW, MSW, CCMI-M, CIP
The business of Intervention 911 is to bring the light of recovery into the dark world of the drinker and substance abuser through the thoughtful guidance of highly trained interventionists. With so much emphasis on human service, it can be easy to forget that the organization requires management and structure. Thankfully, Chief Financial Officer Eric McLaughlin is here to keep things running smoothly – even when our interventionists are on the front lines traveling across the country.

Eric brings over 15 years of management skills to Intervention 911 and has had a positive impact to the service level of the company on every level. He has worked for several service organizations and retail businesses where customer attention and support is always the highest priority.

It is this commitment to excellent customer service that makes Eric an outstanding member of Intervention 911. He says, “I am excited to be able to use my talents to help Intervention 911 to provide services to those in need. This means working with clients and often their families who are facing making additional investments in the recovery of their loved one.” Eric understands the challenges families face and sincerely hopes he has the opportunity to help everyone who reaches out to Intervention 911.


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