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Active Recovery Solutions is the brain-child of Michele Garcia, a seasoned addiction treatment and recovery outreach professional from Los Angeles, California.

She is certified and practiced in Family Systemic Intervention Work, Innovative Approaches to Addiction Treatment, Sober Living Leadership Training, as well as other areas. Michele is also an avid learner, continuing her journey in formal education all the way through 2013 when she earned a Graduate of Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology.

After experiencing a hard-fought journey into the surrender of sobriety and maintaining it for many years, Michele came to understand that it can be extremely disheartening and even devastating to relapse. With the deeply personal knowledge that relapse calls into question the ability to find a way to live free from the shackles of addiction, Michele decided not only to commit to sobriety, but to devote her life to helping others find joy and commitment in their own sobriety.

Active in recovery since April 23, 1991 current sober date is September 20, 2006. I have been working with treatment facilities and recovery houses since 2009, guiding many to Treatment Care through Marketing, Event Planning, Interventions and Case Management

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