Marie Krebs Consulting, PLLC

As a clinician that works extensively within the recovery community, I believe it is important to provide
my clients with the necessary tools and resources in order to develop and maintain a balanced and
healthy life, and meaningful interpersonal relationships.
I am passionate about ending the stigma that surrounds those that struggle with addiction and mental health issues, and utilize my extensive national relationships to educate clients and other professionals about the complex nature of addiction and trauma, and the evidence based treatment options that are available to treat these issues.

Her message is clear: In the addiction industry the
practice of reciprocity is both unethical and in some cases can have deadly consequences.

As a treatment consultant I serve in two ways, working
with families to determine the best course of treatment for a loved one. I also work within the treatment center community to develop effective programming for addressing complex trauma.

Marie is a strategic thinker a visionary and organizational development specialist. She has worked professionally in the nonprofit arena in the areas of consulting, administration, fundraising and special
event planning and coordination, legislative advocacy and volunteer recruitment and management for
over 25 years.

She has also held several nonprofit administrative level positions and currently holds leadership positions on several nonprofit boards. Marie specializes in providing services with the behavioral and mental health sector.
Nationally recognized and award winning professional with strong collaborative relationships.

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