Bryan Wempen – Sober Is Better – A Note To Self


Imagine being 14 years old getting drunk and having your first blackout, all in one day. This is how Bryan’s substance use journey started. Fast forward to age 18, he had enlisted in the National Guard, began University and found drugs, gambling, and unlimited alcohol.

Four years after starting University, Bryan had an overdose close call which prompted him to think about sobriety. He eventually limited substance use to a lot of alcohol, food, and work. Hundreds of blackouts and years of emotional scars to validate being a functional alcoholic, Bryan didn’t know if he could stop drinking, ever.

His message is clear: Sober is Better.

He began to question if his life was relegated to the time in between getting messed up or was there another solution. His answer came in May 2010 when desperate he called a longtime sober friend for help. He’s been successful in recovery since then.

Bryan’s next book Sober Is Better-A Note To Self is available in May 2019. He shares stories and thoughts about living life before and during recovery.


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