Ellie Favaloro – Sober Living Today – Founder

I am the owner of quality sober living homes in North County. I work with women who are recovering from alcoholism and drug addiction providing safe, supportive housing and a way of love and nurturing themselves for healing and recovering.

I am a spiritual life coach working with women to heal from Divorce and break-ups that are causing anxiety, fear and overwhelm.

Her message is clear: Experience is a gift, education is a quest and healing is a passion!

I am a public speaker for groups that are looking for inspiration and education. I facilitate groups for personal growth and weight loss. I have a lot of life experience that I bring to my talks that inspire and encourage people to take their next step.

I have a passion for healing because of my triumph of my personal afflictions I bring tools and techniques that get measurable results. I identify a thought or belief that a person holds as a barrier to success, by verbalizing and acknowledging we create a new possibility and an amazing shift in perception creating a new reality of success.

 To inquire about speaking engagements call 760-415-3560 or email ellieholistichealth@gmail.com

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